Our Mission

Communicate God’s Love:

We are committed to reaching out to the South Bay Community and introducing them to the God who truly cares about every aspect of their lives.

Celebrate God’s Presence:

We are committed to building a worship service where people can have a life changing experience with God via messages that are relevant and applicable to their lives, music that lifts their souls, and an environment that is warm, friendly, supportive, and encouraging.

Incorporate God’s Family:

We are committed to building a church where strangers become friends and friends become family. We recognize that a major element in living out the Christian life is based on the relationships that one establishes. Thus, we want to have a church where everyone has an opportunity to get connected and start building life changing relationships.

Educate God’s People:

We are committed to giving people the tools necessary not to just live life but to truly live a Christian life that is full of purpose, meaning, value, and impact. This will be accomplished through offering classes that will aid in both spiritual growth and life development.

Demonstrate God’s Care:

We are committed to being a church that truly cares about its community by designing programs and unleashing people to use their gifts and talents to meet the heartfelt needs of those who are hurting, in need, or just need a hand.